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Name:Michael Otillio
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:I like your music and I listen to it everyday.

Name:Gina Smith
Location:gaithersburg, MD
Comments:Leroy, What an awesome birthday party! The kids had so much fun! You sure do know how to make each and every child feel special. Thank you for blessing us with your performance! We love Musical Fun with Mr. Hyson!!!!!!!!! The Smith family

Name:Billy Grover
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:Hi Mr. Hyson

Name:cori morrison
Location:Germantown, MD
Comments:Hey Leroy, Cassandra and I would love for you to perform again this year! Give us a call at 301-528-0862- borders in germantown and gaithersburg

Name:Kathy Tully
Location:Haddonfield, NJ
Comments:Hi Leroy, I am a fellow SBA-er who bought your CD at your summer performance at the Bay last summer. My kids (3 & 6) are addicted to your music. I was wondering if you ever travel as far as NJ for performances. We would love to see if it's something we could afford for our son's birthdays next fall (Sept/Oct). We live approximately 30 mins from the DEl Memorial Bridge, 10 mins form Philly and the town next to Cherry Hill NJ. We would love to find out pricing for a birthday rock show! Thanks, God Bless and we hope the holidays were magical for your family.

Name:deandre benbow
Location:derwood, MD
Comments:hi it deandre i didnt go to my pricable shes scary but did u tell mr.wicmore i dont know how to spell his name just email me any time

Name:DeAndre Benbow
Location:derwood, MD
Comments:hi mr.hyson renember ine of your student name deandre benbow last year when your teach 4th grade in 2006 right now the svhool i go to is seqouyah im having a good time in seqouyah but it little rough please tel the kids in fifth grade right now that i said hi PS im sorry about your wife I HATE CANCER bye you could probaly performance a concer for seqouyah my princable is Dr. Jasper but her real name is Dr. Bobby Jasper and my vice princable is Ms. woodcock i dont even know her full name ! my email is tytyty97@comcast.net please mail me

Name:Nishellie Navaratne
Location:gaithersburg, MD
Comments:Mr. Hyson, Having a wonderful summer? Great! I might be moving. If you can remember I was 1 of ur patrols. I cant wait to get into the 6th grade! I miss u. Bye

Name:Vilyamau Vilyamau
Location:Unknown, MA
Comments:Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!

Name:Becky Corbett
Location:Silver Spring, MD
Comments:Hi Leroy, It has been almost 20 years since you worked with my daughter, Erin Corbett, in the preK classroom at Glen Haven ES but Erin and her brother, Michael both have fond memories of you. Imagine how excited we were when we saw your name on the van driving next to us on 198! Becky and Marty Corbett

Name:Bill Young
Location:Corning, NY
Comments:Hi Leroy "Lefty L of the Legacy Band" ! and Children's Leader Sooper Man! Bill "Drummer-Go see the Doctor" Young here from the SBA days. Was thinking about you this morning during a quiet moment here at work and decided to Google you. (82 hits...!) First off, I am truly sorry to read about the passing of your lovely wife last March. My prayers and love are with you and your family. Just as you were "back in the day", you are a still much needed positive influence in the lives of others, especially the children. I believe you are also a POSITIVE influence on this here planet earth. God bless ya man. Keep playin brother!!!! Your pal, Mr. Bill

Name:Michelle Dennis
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:Leroy you must have put on an awesome show for the children while we were at the Evening with Pastor Dale! We bought a CD and Nya sang all the way home. She loved it!! Do you do birthday parties???

Name:Ana Dykes
Location:Olney, MD
Comments:Hello, Leroy I'm so sorry to hear about your wife you have my deepest sympathy.I did'nt know your wife but knowing you I'm sure she was a treasure, you know behind every good man there is a great weman. May the Lord give you and your family the comfort, peace and understanding that you need at this time. you are in my prayers. Ana Dykes

Name:gezel Thomas
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:Hey Mr.Hyson i heared your wife passed away Iam really sorry for you'r lost.I am gezel I use to go to flower hill as I said before.I still have the penciles we got from the concert you had at your school well that me saying bye.

Name:L B
Location:Laurel, MD
Comments:Has your wife attempted to be seen at The NIH? I'm sure she would qualify for a clinical trial . That way her care would be free and she could still receive treatment.

Name:gezel Thomas
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:hey mr.Hyson i am gezel and i went to flower hill and i know you .you may not remeber me but i was there last year amd i had Ms wilson. Ilove your music and i hope your wife gets better.I will email you agin soon.p.s 6 grade is really great i hope you enjoy the rest of the year.tell your wife i said hey.

Name:Benjamin Ferrell
Location:Baton Rouge, LA
Comments:Leroy, I am having trouble using my debit card on the donation site. I am wondering if it is bouncing me out because I just bought a CD. I want to send 50 additional dollars to you. Do you want to wait for a check, or should I try again tomorrow. TJ and Angela Marchetti are my brother and sister-in-law. They sent a note about your family and we wanted to help. Take care of yourselves, Ben, Aimee, Benjamin, Timothy, and Nicholas Ferrell

Name:Josh Joffee
Location:Bronx, NY
Comments:Hello, leroy. I work for Betty Towey at Ampark Neighborhood school. She would like to order 7 copies of your CD. The website is not allowing me to punch in multible copies. What should we do??

Name:Frank Petty
Location:Lanham, MD
Comments:Hi Tammy, My prayers are with you and your family. I don't know if you have heard of tahitian noni juice, it is a great dietary health drink, it helps all system of the body and works on the cellular level this product is listed in the physicians desk reference in the natural products sections. People have gotten great results by drinking this product, in your case you would have to drink a bottle a day for one week and a half bottle their it a 33oz bottle, you can go to my website and read about it at www.tni.com/metrononi or www.thenonistory.com/frank. In gennesis 1-29 God talks about a fruit that grows 365 day out of the year, this is what this fruit dose, it won't interfer with your medication it is just a juice but a God sent juice. I am not trying to just sell you something but I have seen and heard great results from personnal testimonies. If you wish to purchase it you can go to my website and buy it at the wholesale cost using my ID number 158490, it is $32 a bottle wholesale, retail is $42. I pray that what you do God be with you. Sincerly Frank Petty

Name:John VanLunen
Location:Southern Shores, NC
Comments:Leroy, I made a donation on behalf of my family and Jeff Ransom (class of '84). I will continue to pray for your family. Don't lose the faith. John "Door Breaker" VanLunen NHS '84

Name:Mary Minnis
Location:Upper Marlboro, MD
Comments:Hi, I am interested in purchasing your cd. I will share it with the students in my school. I will add Tammy to my prayer list and pray for her to get the care she needs to get well.

Name:Mary Minnis
Location:Upper Marlboro, MD
Comments:Hi, I am interested in purchasing you cd. I will share it with the students in my school. I will add Tammy to my prayer list and pray for her to get the care she needs to get well.

Name:Michelle Wales
Location:Louisville, KY
Comments:Hello, I heard your wife's story on the Russ Parr Morning Show. I am going to forward all of this information to everyone that I know so that we can help with your wife's fight against breast cancer. I had a grandmother who died from cancer and I know that affects that this horrible sickness can have on a family. I hope that whatever I can do will help you guys on this quest that you are on. I will also keep you in my prayers. Please let your wife know to please stay strong and I hope everything works out for the best.

Name:Stephanie Pickens
Location:Indianapolis, IN
Comments:I was listening to the Russ Parr show this morning and I heard the devastating news about Mrs. Hyson. I would like to pass the word on can you give me the website information? I have a friend that was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, Im proud to say today she is doing fine and recovering well so I know the hurt and struggles you might be facing now. My prayers are with you and your family that God will bring you all through this. Thank you

Name:Cleshette Brooks
Location:Washington, DC, Select a State
Comments:I just hear from Mrs. Hyson on Russ Parr show and I think that he mentioned you were looking for alternative solution to your cancer. mygrandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer and my mother who is into alternative medicine and is a scientist herself found a product that cured her! It also help rid a friend of blistering bumps all over her body, and her girlfriends dog of liver cancer! Amazingly the government knows about it but of course cancer is a BIG money maker for research. Please look for a product called GRAVIOLA in your local health food store. I wish you the best and if you do try it please let me know how it works for you. In the meantime I will be praying for you and your family.

Name:Dalisis Rodriguez
Location:Gaitersburg, MD

Name:Carol Schantz
Location:Woodbine, MD
Comments:Leroy, Your CD is great! We love it! Your family is so precious and so talented, too! :)

Name:richard payne
Location:christchurch, New Zealand, Select a State
Comments:Hi leroy This is Richard, your jamming buddy from upstate NY. Im in the US, so thought I'd look you up.... Love the website Keep rockin' my friend Your pal Richard

Name:Darren Hyson
Location:Austin, TX
Comments:Wonderful website. As a fellow Hyson I enjoy helping people as well as a Fireman. Keep up the great work. I would would love to help with your site if you ever need it. Darren Hyson www.webvertise.us

Name:Kevin Sharp
Location:New Windsor, NY
Comments:Dr. Woozle, you are the greatest! We loved your music last summer! Please say "hi" to Leroy for me and have him send me an e-mail if he can (I lost his address). Your biggest fan, Kevin Sharp

Name:Calathia Hyson Weathersbee-Johnson
Location:Landover d, MD
Comments:You go guy! We were exploring they Hyson feats and found you. Congratulations and keep up the good work. Cousin (Aunt Rinsy's grand daughter).

Name:Priya Surapaneni
Comments:Dear Mr.Hyson, This is Priya, I was a patrol last year along with Rachel and Wesley, i wanted to say that your CD was awesome!! I hope to see all my teaches from Flower Hill soon...now im in 6th grade and going to Redland MS

Name:Sandra Woomer
Location:Lusby, MD
Comments:Hello Leroy, Thank you for calling in regards to Bruce, last night. Once again the Lord works in such ways that amazes me everythime. Prayer, we need. Check Bruce's website later. My niece updates it almost everyday... Today Bruce will rec'd Radiation/Chemo twice a day for 4 days. I think he will not be feeling well soon; next week his brovaic re-installed. Then Bone Marrow Transplant to take place on Wed. Sept, 28. Bless you and take care.

Name:Jill VanDam
Location:Annapolis, MD
Comments: I love your CD and can't wait to here your new one. Will you e-mail me when it comes out. Do you sing songs about boats or trains or planes.

Name:John Hosie
Location:gaithersburg, MD
Comments:I had not realized how far along you were. Your humility is admirable. Keep up the good work. God will bless you.

Name:Janice Lynch Schuster
Location:Riva, MD
Comments:Hi--This is Ian's mom. I just want to thank you for a jolly and happy afternoon. Thanks for your patience with Ian, and for letting him play air guitar!

Name:Cedar Williams
Location:severna park, MD
Comments:Dear Mr. Hyson I hope you have a great night. I just came home from your performance at the Severna Park library and I thought it was GREAT!!! I want to see your performances everyday. I'm listening to your CD right now and I love it! Thank you and I hope to see you again. your friend, Cedar.

Name:Avellino and Kapish Ernestanto and Manicka
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:We love spirit! We listen to it everyday. Thanks for a wonderful year, it was great having you as a teacher for our last year of elementry school. Thanks and keep writing songs! Have a GREAT SUMMER! -Avellino and Kapish

Name:Avellino and Kapish Ernestanto and Manicka
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:We love spirit! We listen to it everyday. Thanks for a wonderful year, it was great having you as a teacher for our last year of elementry school. Thanks and keep writing songs! Have a GREAT SUMMER! -Avellino and Kapish

Name:Joey Tanum
Location:Linthicum, MD
Comments: I really liked your show. I liked singing Elementary School Blues.

Name:Emily Mehler
Location:Gambrills, MD
Comments:I have a summer program that I would like you to come and perform for our children. Do you have any openings for an afternoon next week? I just spoke to you on the phone i while you were driving.

Name:amy blasko-brooks
Location:silver spring, MD
Comments:still can't figure out why I know you, but enjoyed seeing you once again at Marge Menger's retirement party. Would love to figure out when our paths crossed. For now, I will be ordering a CD to share with my children. I feel like I know a star!!

Name:Kent Lindeman
Location:Walnut Creek, CA
Comments:Dr. Woozle: Long time...do you still have the blue chorus pedal I gave you in 1990? (probably not)? I suspect you'll be getting alot of messages like this one since the Empilog listing. Darn it -- how did Jen Shockley post a message before I did? Hope you and your family are well. Remember, that's just "The Way It Is." -Leftyhands

Name:Jen (Tinker) Shockley
Location:Worthington, OH
Comments:Dr Woozle! Hi! It been a long time... I just ordered your CD for my kids. I have 4 now (2 girls & 2 boys)! I got the info from the empilog. I know we will all love it. It looks like you are doing great. Take care! Jen

Name:yvonne rogers
Comments:Hi, i just wantd you to know how much my kids and i have enjoyed your website they say it's fun and educational and i agree. Please keep up the good work and i want you to know how proud i am to see your site such a success. P.S. tell Tammy Tina says hello

Name:Lea Crusey
Location:San Francisco, CA
Comments:I love the CD! I'm sharing it with my fourth grade class at Edison McNair Academy in East Palo Alto, California beginning tomorrow! I hope I'm not the monster from "The First Day of School", but I have a feeling I am! Regards, Ms. Crusey of Portable E

Name:cristopher chee
Location:gaitherspurg, MD
Comments:I'm sorry in the last message I forgot to say anything. Rember me one of your students hope you have a good day.

Name:Daniel Isenberg
Location:White Plains, NY
Comments:Mr. Hyson- Incredible!!! You are a true family man, youth leader, and musician. I have always looked to you for inspiration in my work life and my stage life. Good luck with everything. Much love.

Name:Jazzalee Garey
Location:Wheaton, MD
Comments:Dear Cousin Leroy, I really like your music. My favorite song is called Spirit. I am a big fan of yours.

Name:Susan Brubacher Meinders
Location:Redlands, CA
Comments:LEROY!!! Sue Bru here!! This is the coolest!! I'm so glad you got some of your stuff recorded. I'm buying a CD for us and for some of my more discerning friends. Hope to see you at the Bay soon (although it sounds like you're busy with a concert in August). This is an "on" year for the Brubachers so we'll be there Aug 4-14. Love to all! Susan

Name:Kathy Allen
Location:Concord, MA
Comments:Leroy, I really liked your website...especially the photos of your family. I am Marge Mengers' sister. Congrats on your first CD. I plan to order one today. I see that you have a number of events scheduled for August. Perhaps we will see you at Silver Bay this summer. (We are there during the first 2 weeks) Best of luck with your website connections! Kathy Allen

Name:William Washington
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:Uplifting, unique material that my whole family can enjoy! I look forward to more music from Hyson productions!

Name:Eleanor Kelley
Location:Columbia, MD
Comments:Hey Leroy, This website is wonderful. I am so proud of you. It was nice seeing you at the reunion. I had a lot of fun. Do you know the name of Royster's church? He gave me the name and the website, but I must have written it down wrong. I am going to try to come and see one of your shows. Do you do assemblies? Send me a flyer and I will give it to the daycare center at my school. I sure they would love to have you. Take care.

Name:Janel Stinney
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:Dear Mr. Hyson, I very happy to see your web site...... it came out to be the best, I am hear to order your CD i tried to download the order form but it didnt work out.... I am hear to try to get the form........ mail or any thing else you can do........ if that is ok with you you can email me the form, or mail my mom said that is fine. thank you very much if you do email my at misskiss2504@aol.com to get my addes. or any info

Name:Sarah Brubacher
Location:San Francisco, CA
Comments:Leroy Hyson: So glad to see you're still performing after all these years. I hope my children can someday know Dr. Woozle!! Love, Sarah

Location:Silver Spring, MD
Comments:Wow, I have known you since Elementary school and you are the same sincere Leroy I remember from then. I remember you always loved children, music & God ; your life shows your true love and committment. I am so proud of you-you are a good person and a good friend to have. PEACE, LOVE & MANY MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

Name: Bolu and Busola Odubayo
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:Busola: Your song "Composites" helped me with my homework. Bolu:Your songs are GREAT!!! My favorite ones are, "My Cat Jack", "My First Day of School", and "Composites".

Name:Alex Vacek
Location:Sperryville, VA
Comments:Hi Leroy! First I want to say that it was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone yesterday. I wasn't able to download your music (I just LOVE computers sometimes) but I did check out the rest of the site. Your family is GORGEOUS!!!! I do have a question...is there an age limit on drawing a Jack story? :) I sent the link to your site to everyone I know with kids because you have great things going on. Keep up the amazing work, Leroy! I hope to see you and your beautiful family around!! A

Name:Okera  Beidleman
Location:Gerrmantown, Select a State
Comments:Hi, Mr.Hyson its me Okera your old student again. I bought your CD and I think it is great. My favortie song is Composites! See you later. Bye!

Name:Jonathan Branch
Location:Burtonsville, MD
Comments:Congratulations on your website. This is a very impressive start. As you develop this site, you should add more color and images to the background. I like your activities page, esp. the link to FleetKids.

Name:shawn Flowers
Location:Cheverly, MD
Comments:I enjoyed your web site, it is direct artistically recreated and extends the fun loving spirt that it should convey....Job well done. Friend of Tammy's

Name:Katelyn Ibrahim
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:Hi Mr Hysin it is Katelyn! I really like your cd! It inspires lots of kids. Are you going to make another cd?I really like number 3 4 and 5 on your cd. Some are funny and some are helpful. Well nice talking to you.

Name:Billy Summers
Location:Silver Spring, MD
Comments:You have a cool website.

Name:Beth Conlon
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:Hi Mr.Hyson it's Beth Conlon. This website was really cool. It is very entertaining and fun to look at. I miss taking lessons from you and I hope the lessons are going well. Beth3

Name:Okera Beidleman
Comments:I think your CD is really neat and cool. Okera\Old class student

Name:Kyla Madigan
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:You are awesome teammate! So proud of you! God bless you and your family with all of the gifts He has given you!

Name:Jamie Moore
Location:Gaithersburg, MD
Comments:I love your website. As soon as it opened up it brought a smile to my face. Thank you.

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